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Business Startup Preparation Evaluation

We've prepared a set of questionnaires to help you gauge the progress you've made in getting your business up and running. The questionnaires will help you identify any areas you might have overlooked, and provide suggestions for moving the process along.

Please choose one of the following questionnaires:

  • The Business Idea. This questionnaire helps evaluate the state of your startup planning. Issues considered include: franchising, location, market research, business name, and more.
  • Marketing and Advertising. How will you market and advertise your business? This questionnaire helps evaluate your current marketing plans. Issues considered include: business logo, advertising, public relations support, and sales forecasts.
  • Legal Issues. This questionnaire helps evaluate the planning you have done to handle legal issues such as type of business, contracts, copyright, and trademark issues.
  • Permits and Insurance. Are you properly licensed and covered with the appropriate insurance? This survey will help answer these questions.
  • Banking and Records. This survey helps you determine your financial support needs including: banking, bookkeeping systems, accountants, and cash flow requirements.
  • Taxes and Employees. The government requirements related to having employees are numerous and complex. This section helps you establish your readiness to support employees.
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